Tim’s first post

My wife and I have been in Haiti a little over a year and a half now. We have had a lot of different experiences, some surprising and some unexplainable. As I sit and ponder why it is that I haven’t writtMy First Post!en any posts for our blog (yes, it is our blog but Bim has done all the writing up to now), I struggle to find just one topic that I could write about.

Why should it be so difficult to find a topic when we have experienced so much in such a short time? Sometimes, I think it is because some of the things we
experience or discuss are not easy to describe unless you have been here. I know, that’s a cop out and if I were a better writer or more disciplined I could and should be able to describe anything. Another reason is because since this is my first post, it has to be really spectacular – if for no other reason, it has taken 18 months to write!

So, here goes.

prayerOne of the things that really surprised my wife and I was the incredible amount of support we received from a surprising mix of people. We have been blessed to be a part of a church body, Caring Community Church of God, that has supported us both financially and spiritually throughout this whole process. Because of their support we have been able to focus on what we are doing in Haiti and not worry about things back in PA.

Another group who has stepped up has been our family. Not a surprise really because, you know, they’re family. They have to! But seriously, it really sets our minds at ease to know that we have two outstanding kids (young adults, actually) who have sIMG_1414tepped up to take care of things that are usually reserved for when your parents are too old or unable to take care of themselves. Thanks, Alex and Tim!

Also, of course our parents have supported us and our mission here as well. At least, now they do. At first it must have come as a shock to see your grown children leave good paying jobs, a house in the suburbs, our kids and our cats and move to Haiti. That just wasn’t in the plan. Believe me, that wasn’t in our plan 2 years ago either. Men plan, God laughs.

Our last group of supporters – friends, former co-workers, old high school paIMG_2268ls and acquaintances – have been the biggest surprise. We hoped our closest friends would support our mission and many of them have either through financial support, prayer or visits. Some, even make trips to Costco for us! However, who knew that people we didn’t even know a year ago would be writing checks for hundreds if not thousands of dollars to support Water Project for Haiti! I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised. When we first started on this journey it was clear that God said go and he would take care of the details. Throughout the whole process we have learned to stop wondering if God will provide but marvel at how he does.

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2 Responses to Tim’s first post

  1. John Holmes says:

    Nice to hear from you – would love to hear more – JOHN

  2. OK, Tim. This was spectacular . . . so don’t wait another 18 months to write again. God bless you and all you and Bim are doing. Your work accomplishes much more than you will ever know of this side of eternity and in places well beyond the shores of Haiti.

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